Saturday, June 15, 2013

MIAMI: A SURVIVOR'S TALE now available pre-pubication from Black Mountain Press

MIAMI: A SURVIVOR'S TALE is available "pre-publication" through The Black Moutain Press.   Go to the author website and follow the links!


  1. Crime, decay, social and moral collapse? Frank Abrams already wrote the book on this. His idea of Surviving in Miami is ripping off hard working single mothers and skipping town. It's no wonder he had to leave Miami for good. He was never fit to practice law there or anywhere as he feels that he is somehow above it. Today there is one less criminal in Miami because Frank Abrams left. It's very sad to see this slimy, corrupt little man trying to re-invent himself by writing about other slimy, corrupt people, as if he is not one of them. The only story here is about how Miami consistently produces criminals like Frank Abrams who are convinced that they are entitled to support themselves by stealing from the vulnerable. Please don't buy this book.

  2. Glad you like my page, Hope the weather is not too hot down there! And please feel free to tell everyone where not to buy the book!