Saturday, August 31, 2013


Courthouse security is very important.  It is important that someone is watching out to make sure that the bad guys don't come into the courthouse with weapons, etc.  Yes, it is important that someone is watching.  Whatever you do, don't do this mistake.  Never have your name tag on your keys.

Like the time  I went to the clerk's office of the Metro Justice Building.  I dropped my keys into a plastic container which was sent through the x-ray machine.  The minute my keys came out the other end, I watch a man quickly snatch them from the container and briskly walk away with them.  The people manning the detector delayed me as I raised my voice to explain that the man in front of me had "just taken my keys."  The people at the detector seemed not to care.

As the man briskly walked to the exit on the other side of the building I chased him down.  When confronted by myself and a security guard, he cursed at me, called me a MF, and threw the keys to the ground.  Next, he ran out the back of the building.   With my name tag on the keys, he could have stolen my car and burglarized my house.

The security guard didn't seem much to care as the man ran away. He was busy "taking care of courthouse security."  Yes, its nice to know that security is on top of things in Miami.

Friday, August 30, 2013


My blog today is about the term "Saving Face."

If you look the term up, you will see its classical definition as:  "Preserving ones honor or prestige."

In Miami, here are a couple different definitions:  "Preserving ones face from being eaten by another person.  To wit:  "saving face."

"Eating some face now, saving some for later."  to wit "saving face."

In Miami these are actual working definitions. 

In 2012, near downtown Miami, a man named Ronald Poppo was attacked by a crazed maniac who chewed off 75 percent of his face.  He just held Mr. Poppo down and started eating.  When police confronted the perpetrator he looked up, grinned, with a couple pieces of flesh hanging from his mouth, and went back to his endeavors.

It took a couple bullets to stop him.  Mr. Poppo, who lost 75 percent of his face, but who was lucky to be alive, was not very good at "saving face."  In Miami, "saving face" can mean the difference between life and death.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Shortly before we left Miami, a kid in one of our local middle schools decided that it would be a good idea to kill someone, this, in apparent preparation for the world he would be living in upon his graduation from the public schools of Miami-Dade County.  He decided upon killing his "best friend," but since his best friend was absent that day, he settled upon a bright kid who played the violin.  As with almost all criminal acts in Miami, it is the peaceful and kind who pay the price.

He encountered this violin playing kid in the men's room, took him to a stall and slit his throat.  Kind of messy, he went back to class with blood all over his shirt.  When school personnel went looking for the missing kid, they found his dead body dripping blood from the stall, onto the men's room floor.

As it turned out, this violent kid used to spend his days, with his parent's apparent approval, watching violent movies day in and day out.  The perpetrator's parents defended this vicious and violent kid.  "He's a good boy."   As is typical, no-one in Miami takes responsibility.  And it's always the peaceful and non violent who pay.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Can Anyone Please Help My Former Miami Neighbor?  His nickname is O.J. and he used to have a pretty good career as an NFL football player and later an announcer/commentator.

His Last name is Simpson and he moved to Miami from California because the atmosphere in Miami fit him better than that famous glove.   I used to see his white Ford Bronco parked outside of his house.   He got in trouble once while traveling through my neighborhood.  Got into an argument and snatched the glasses off of this guy's face.  Charged with assault, he was found not guilty.

Now he's in jail in Nevada, convicted of armed robbery or something like that.  His house has been sold at a foreclosure sale.   Now if I travel back to Miami I won't see his white Bronco parked there in front of his house.   How I miss that car.   O.J., are you listening to this???  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Honoring Your City's Founder

Todays Post Is All About Honoring Your City's Founder.  The founder of the City of Miami was Julia Tuttle.  In the late 1800's she convinced railroad magnate Henry Flagler to run his railroad, which then stopped at Palm Beach, further South to Miami.   Thus began the explosion of growth in that city.  In order to honor her, they named a sex offender colony after her.  You heard that right.

The Julia Tuttle Causeway connects the mainland to Miami Beach.  Around 2006, the city decided to place a sex offender colony under this bridge.  That's right, The Julia Tuttle Sex Offender Colony.   What an appropriate honor, to name a sex offender colony after the city's founder.  Many felt that this pretty much represented what the City of Miami was all about.   Daily, starting around 2006, the city stocked this colony with violent inmates released from the Miami Dade County Jail.  Many feel that this now defunct sex offender colony pretty much stood for what that city Julia Tuttle founded was all about. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Traffic Jams, Mean And Angry Drivers

Today's post is about Traffic Jams.  Traffic jams are everywhere but in Miami they are special.  Mean and angry drivers curse and swear at each other constantly.  Temperatures reach the nineties as people sit there in their expensive sports cars, the ones with 200mph top end, with nowhere to go.  They scream into their cellphones while drinking Starbucks coffee.  Bloodpressure and anger rise with the heat. 

With the high water level in South Florida they can't build subways.  Metrorail is just a patch.  Millions of people are crowded into this small spit of land, never meant to be a huge metropolis.  Anger spills over and gunfights are common.  Best to have a good escape plan when the bullets start flying.  Remember not to look at other drivers in the face.  Responding to that three finger salute  might not be a very good idea.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hurricanes And Hurricane Preparedness In Miami

My Miami blog today concerns hurricanes and hurricane preparedness.  When disaster strikes, many cities come together to show their love and support  by helping their neighbor.  After Hurricane Andrew hit Miami in 1992, many Miami residents came together as well.  It was to loot the Cutler Ridge Mall. 

Day and night gangs of people worked hard.  Community spirit was raised by finding lots of "free things."  There were news videos of many people "helping their neighbor."  It's very hard to run out of a mall lugging heavy t.v.'s and other heavy appliances by oneself.  Many videos show two or more people running out of the mall with these heavy items.  Yes, Miami is the "help your neighbor" city.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Welcome To The Neighborhood!

My blog today concerns the first house I purchased in Miami, in 1993.  It was in an area known as Kendall.   I lived in a cul de sac in a planned unit development.  There was a small park on the other side.  I noticed some older kids hanging out there.   They noticed me as well.  I came home from work the next day to find the window on my front door smashed, glass all over the  place.  My neighbor told me that she saw these kids trying to break into my house, and when they saw her they ran.  A classic Miami "welcome to the neighborhood" committee.   Damages cost over $500.00.

My family moved to Asheville in 2004.  Two neighborhood kids appeared at our door with a heavy object.  It was a pie.  There was not doubt in our minds how correct our decision to move from Miami was.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Childhood Pranks In Miami

My blog today concerns "childhood pranks."  If you look at the pedestrian walkways that traverse the expressways in Miami, you will notice that they are completely enclosed.  The chain link fencing covers not only the sides, but the tops as well.  Is this for the protection of those who use the walkways?  Here is your answer.

Many of these walkways lead to public schools.  Many people reminisce about being young and the things that they did to annoy people.  Things like hiding the neighbor's newspaper and watching him look for it.  But these Miami kids had a "great" idea.  Why not throw things like boulders and cinder blocks over the top of these overpasses onto the cars below.  Sure, why not see what it's like to kill someone, kind of in preparation for the violent world they would be coming a part of.

Word gets around in Miami, as the criminal network is well connected.  Pretty soon, the juvenile courts were filled with the perpetrators that the police were able to catch.  Many of course got away.   And what about the victims.  There were horrendous stories of gruesome injury as well as many thousands of dollars in property damage.  

Unable to stop these acts, the pedestrian overpass walkways now have chain link both on the sides as well as on the top.  So now you have your answer.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Not A Good Place To Retire

My Miami story for today has to do with a retired doctor who lived in The Village Of Pinecrest, my neighborhood.  Pinecrest was supposedly one of the "better neighborhoods."  A high school kid a few years back decided to skip school one day to burglarize houses.  He encountered this gentle saver of lives and shot him dead.  All to steal his car.  This is a classic Miami story.  In the end, like so many others, it was the doctor who made the miscalculation.   He believed that Miami was a safe place to retire.  Read about it in:  MIAMI: A SURVIVOR'S TALE, by The Black Mountain Press.  The book can be pre-ordered at:   "catalog"

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Girlfriend Was "The Devil"

My Miami Story for today concerns a 1985 case that got a lot of attention concerning what was now happening in that once fair city.  A man named Alberto Mesa stabbed his girlfriend 111x, cut off her head and went running down the street with it.  Upon meeting a policeman, he tossed him the head, proud that he had dispatched her.  He was later acquitted "by reason of insanity."  Welcome to Miami, as events such as this began to become more and more common.    Please see it in MIAMI: A SURVIVOR'S TALE!   Getting GREAT pre-publication reviews.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Please give me your best Miami Survivor stories!  and remember to Pre-Order my book,
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The Smell That Wouldn't Go Away

One of my favorite Miami stories is about the German tourist who checked into a hotel.  There was a smell in the room which he kept complaining about.  Room service showed up several times and each time sprayed Lysol into the air.  It was later on when he looked under the bed that he found the dead body.  Any competent Miami hotel cleaning crew knows that they must always look under beds.
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Very Excited To Have A Blog, This Is Going To Be Great!

I'm very excited to have a blog, and will be posting daily comments about Miami.  Look for my upcoming book, MIAMI: A SURVIVOR'S TALE!  To be published by The Black Mountain Press, and you can order a pre-publication copy!  go to "catalogue

Galleys for Miami a Surviver's Tale are out from the Black Mountain Press!

I'm excited to tell you that galleys for Miami, A Surviver's Tale are out and the publication will be released in a few months. It is exciting to finally see the design and go the galleys word by word to make sure that there were no mistakes or last minute changes. What an experience to be a published author! And I am honored to be represented by the Black Mountain Press and their wonderful editing and design staff. 

I love what they did with a rustic cracked font in the chapter headings, and to be able to see the photos for first time incorporated into the pdf mockup. I can't wait to see the final product!