Friday, August 23, 2013

Childhood Pranks In Miami

My blog today concerns "childhood pranks."  If you look at the pedestrian walkways that traverse the expressways in Miami, you will notice that they are completely enclosed.  The chain link fencing covers not only the sides, but the tops as well.  Is this for the protection of those who use the walkways?  Here is your answer.

Many of these walkways lead to public schools.  Many people reminisce about being young and the things that they did to annoy people.  Things like hiding the neighbor's newspaper and watching him look for it.  But these Miami kids had a "great" idea.  Why not throw things like boulders and cinder blocks over the top of these overpasses onto the cars below.  Sure, why not see what it's like to kill someone, kind of in preparation for the violent world they would be coming a part of.

Word gets around in Miami, as the criminal network is well connected.  Pretty soon, the juvenile courts were filled with the perpetrators that the police were able to catch.  Many of course got away.   And what about the victims.  There were horrendous stories of gruesome injury as well as many thousands of dollars in property damage.  

Unable to stop these acts, the pedestrian overpass walkways now have chain link both on the sides as well as on the top.  So now you have your answer.

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