Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Galleys for Miami a Surviver's Tale are out from the Black Mountain Press!

I'm excited to tell you that galleys for Miami, A Surviver's Tale are out and the publication will be released in a few months. It is exciting to finally see the design and go the galleys word by word to make sure that there were no mistakes or last minute changes. What an experience to be a published author! And I am honored to be represented by the Black Mountain Press and their wonderful editing and design staff. 

I love what they did with a rustic cracked font in the chapter headings, and to be able to see the photos for first time incorporated into the pdf mockup. I can't wait to see the final product!


  1. The only good thing about Florida is that it looks like we're pissing on Cuba.

    I guess that people get what the deserve. Florida elected criminal Rick Scott as it's Governor. That speaks volumes to why Miami is a toilet.

    Thank you Frank for writing this book!