Saturday, August 31, 2013


Courthouse security is very important.  It is important that someone is watching out to make sure that the bad guys don't come into the courthouse with weapons, etc.  Yes, it is important that someone is watching.  Whatever you do, don't do this mistake.  Never have your name tag on your keys.

Like the time  I went to the clerk's office of the Metro Justice Building.  I dropped my keys into a plastic container which was sent through the x-ray machine.  The minute my keys came out the other end, I watch a man quickly snatch them from the container and briskly walk away with them.  The people manning the detector delayed me as I raised my voice to explain that the man in front of me had "just taken my keys."  The people at the detector seemed not to care.

As the man briskly walked to the exit on the other side of the building I chased him down.  When confronted by myself and a security guard, he cursed at me, called me a MF, and threw the keys to the ground.  Next, he ran out the back of the building.   With my name tag on the keys, he could have stolen my car and burglarized my house.

The security guard didn't seem much to care as the man ran away. He was busy "taking care of courthouse security."  Yes, its nice to know that security is on top of things in Miami.

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