Thursday, August 29, 2013


Shortly before we left Miami, a kid in one of our local middle schools decided that it would be a good idea to kill someone, this, in apparent preparation for the world he would be living in upon his graduation from the public schools of Miami-Dade County.  He decided upon killing his "best friend," but since his best friend was absent that day, he settled upon a bright kid who played the violin.  As with almost all criminal acts in Miami, it is the peaceful and kind who pay the price.

He encountered this violin playing kid in the men's room, took him to a stall and slit his throat.  Kind of messy, he went back to class with blood all over his shirt.  When school personnel went looking for the missing kid, they found his dead body dripping blood from the stall, onto the men's room floor.

As it turned out, this violent kid used to spend his days, with his parent's apparent approval, watching violent movies day in and day out.  The perpetrator's parents defended this vicious and violent kid.  "He's a good boy."   As is typical, no-one in Miami takes responsibility.  And it's always the peaceful and non violent who pay.

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  1. Sheep dogs are needed. We need to protect our kids from these predator wolves.