Monday, August 26, 2013

Traffic Jams, Mean And Angry Drivers

Today's post is about Traffic Jams.  Traffic jams are everywhere but in Miami they are special.  Mean and angry drivers curse and swear at each other constantly.  Temperatures reach the nineties as people sit there in their expensive sports cars, the ones with 200mph top end, with nowhere to go.  They scream into their cellphones while drinking Starbucks coffee.  Bloodpressure and anger rise with the heat. 

With the high water level in South Florida they can't build subways.  Metrorail is just a patch.  Millions of people are crowded into this small spit of land, never meant to be a huge metropolis.  Anger spills over and gunfights are common.  Best to have a good escape plan when the bullets start flying.  Remember not to look at other drivers in the face.  Responding to that three finger salute  might not be a very good idea.

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