Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today's blog is all about medical needs.  In Miami, ones needs are well provided for.  Why you can find "doctors" almost anywhere.  Although you wouldn't know it, sometimes your hairdresser in Miami is also a doctor.  Sometimes your neighbor is performing dentistry in his garage.  If you ask around, you can find skilled practitioners of the medical arts almost anywhere.

There's a story about this one lady who sought out a doctor for "Butt Injections."  The highly skilled practitioner she found used "fix a flat" "super glue" and "cement" to augment the patient's rear end.  As someone doesn't know that much about medicine, I'm in awe of someone who can perform miracles with a knife and some common household products.

Oddly, however, the patient was unhappy with the procedure.  She sought out so called "real" doctors at a local hospital to complain.  Now, sadly, she is dead.   Maybe she shouldn't have sought out those  "real" doctors, as she was apparently okay when she left the clinic.  Maybe the "real" doctors did something bad to her.

In Miami it's nice to know that skilled practitioners of the medical art are just about everywhere.  Medical care is just around the corner.

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