Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today's blog is all about "catch and release" fishing in Miami-Dade County waters.  More than humane, it may save your life.  Key is to remember never to eat any fish caught in either fresh water canals or the salt water of Biscayne Bay.

First let me start with the fresh water canals that proliferate in Miami-Dade County.  They used to be clean and clear.  Now they are an inky black.  Oil slicks can be seen floating on top of the water.   This is due to the many stolen cars that are dumped into these canals on a daily basis.

Many a residence in Miami will have an illegal septic system that will dump sewage directly into these same canals where people fish.  The many businesses surrounding the waters do little or nothing to obey the disposal laws.  Toxic sludge is routinely dumped into these local waters.   If you do catch a live fish, typically it will have three eyes or some other anomaly.  Often, a Chinese water snake will have attached itself to the poor suffering and diseased fish.  Typically the fish will die an agonizing death. The same death may await you if you eat it.

Key to the salt water issue is something called the Virginia Key Sewage Treatment Plant.  Due to the millions and millions of people that now populate the small spit of land know as Miami-Dade County, the plant cannot handle tons of sewage that are sent in its direction.   As a result, untreated sewage is routinely dumped into Biscayne Bay.

It is safe to say that eating fish caught in Biscayne Bay is somewhat similar to eating a fish that one has caught in their toilet.  Whatever you catch, throw it back.  And remember to wear gloves.  When you get home, scrub yourself and your boat down.  Have plenty of antiseptic, and make sure that you've had your necessary flu shots, etc.  Catch and release in Miami-Dade County is more than just humane, it is a necessary act that may very well save your life.

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