Thursday, September 5, 2013


If you want to discover Miami's historic architectural treasures, better take along a shovel.  A great example is the historic and grand Royal Palm hotel that used to grace downtown Miami where the Miami River meets the bay.

A large and wonderful wooden structure, it suffered damage at the hands of the 26 Hurricane and was never rebuilt.  No effort was made.  Now archaeologists dig at the site the hotel once occupied and hunt for clues of its very existence.  Discoveries such as old room keys end up local museums.

Old historic structures in other towns are what make the towns.  A great example of this is the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. 

The pride of the San Diego community, it is an historic wooden hotel from the 1890's.  Very few buildings in Miami are left that evoke such images of the grand past.

What's worse is that in Miami, old architectural gems are routinely torn down and replaced with worthless junk.  All to please some money hungry developer whose sole interest is in the quick generation of cash.

There is no evidence of past history.  No civic pride, and No-one fights to preserve the past.  What is left is a heartless city, a city with no soul.   A city without a past is a city without a future.

One of the few old structures left in Miami is the old 2nd Ave. cemetery.  This is appropriate because whatever is old and historic in the city has pretty much died. 

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