Friday, September 6, 2013


Todays blog is all about funding National Health Insurance.

In our continuing effort to keep you abreast of all things Miami, here is some current news. 

A Miami "actor" and his wife have admitted guilt in a fifteen million dollar Medicare rip off.

They had a "home healthcare" business and were supposedly providing nursing services.  Billing the government for these nonexistent services, they plowed the profits into  "Cuban cultural programs" on cable television.

Recently it has been reported that merely stopping the Medicare fraud in Miami alone, will provide enough money to fund the entire National Health Insurance program.

Recently it was also reported that many of those under investigation have fled to Cuba.  Cuba of all places.

In Miami, it is encouraging to know that hard working people are doing what they can to make a living.  Contributing to society and realizing the American dream.

Please See the Trailer:  MIAMI: A SURVIVOR'S TALE by RED 14 FILMS


  1. When it comes to medicare and medicaid fraud Florida wins the gold medal. If you google Oxycontin express you will see that there are clinics that are for all intents and purposes drug suppliers for dealers in prescription drugs. All you need is an MRI Medicare Part D and cash for bribing/paying the doctor and you can walk out with enough hillbilly heroine to anesthetize a herd of elephants.

    The king of medical insurance fraud in Gov Rick Scott. He along with former Senator Bill Frist defrauded owned/ran Columbia HCA and they were fined a record $1.7 BILLION and that was during the Bush years! As per usual Rick and Bill never were arrested let alone jailed and when his fraud was exposed to the Florida voters by his Republican primary opponent Crist and his Democratic opponent as well as the news media. The moron voters of Florida still elected Rick the criminal Scott.

    We have medical billing fraud be cause it's allowed. Think of it like this. Let's say that if you robbed a bank and got caught all you had to do is give back some of the money. Would you stop robbing banks? Most billing fraud is done by doctors and hospitals and most doctors and hospitals do it.

    The solution is simple.. Give everyone Medicare and tell the Republicans to STFU. In the US we spend 3 times the world average for health care yet we are ranked 37th for quality. AmeriKKKa... First in War... First in Peace... 37th in health care!

    Billing fraud is one thing. The entire US medical industry aka the disease management industry is FRAUD!

  2. The saddest part is that they still elected Scott to office even after his fraud was uncovered. Too many people in Florida, particularly Miami, admire criminal endeavors.

    If given the chance to vote for an honest and decent and effective politician or scoundrel, they will invariably go for the scoundrel. Now they are saddled with one of the worst Governors in Florida history.