Monday, September 16, 2013


Typically it's not that hard to find a subject to blog about, particularly in relation to Miami and the State of Florida in General.  Today's blog is about herpes infected monkeys that are running loose all over the state.   These dangerous animals spread deadly disease to humans as well as other animals.

Diseases such as encephalomyelitis, "an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord leading to death."  But when it comes to South Florida and Miami in particular, other animals could have been mentioned as well.

Poisonous bullfrogs which escaped from a packing crate at the Miami International Airport. When eaten by other animals, such as dogs, the dogs die a painful death, white foam emanating from their mouths.

Large pythons, which not only strangle other animals, but humans as well.   Chinese water snakes
which kill the local freshwater fish.  Large lizards, including iguanas that are both vicious as well as dangerous toward other animals.  The list goes on and on.

In Miami, it's pretty clear that people there aren't the only ones who are "dangerous and out of control."  

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