Friday, September 27, 2013


Running a state is a lot like running a business.  Just ask Florida's Governor Rick Scott.  During the 1990's, Scott ran a hospital chain, Columbia/HCA.  As president of the chain, he knew all about the cost of doing business.  Two billion dollars to be exact.  That was the fine that the government collected for the largest Medicare Fraud in history.

Columbia/HCA kept two sets of books.  One set for legitimate claims and the other for fraudulent claims.  This, so that they could keep enough money in reserve to pay for any fines or penalties should they be caught by the government.  Scott's business acumen allowed him to figure these things out.

Scott was given a "golden parachute" after being fired from Columbia/HCA.  Ten million dollars in cash, three hundred million in stock, and a one million dollar a year job as consultant.

Scott is now Governor of Florida.  Isn't it great how the cream always rises to the top.  And what about Florida?  It is the number one state in the country with regard to insurance fraud.  Yes,  running a state is a lot like running a business.

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  1. I think it's a good idea to run a state like a business so long as it is an honest business. The problem with guys like Slick Rick is that they could steal cars, sell them and still lose money.

    The nice thing about being rich and connected is that if you do get caught you can always throw somebody under the bus and keep the money you stole or you just have to give some of it back unless you break the Madoff rule: Don't steal from other rich people.

    I just read that Miami is a "good place to be from". Miami leads the country in the number of young people who are leaving. I think they call this a brain drain. All the smart people are leaving and the sheeple lemmings who were *ignorant and Republican enough to vote for Slick Rick are staying and getting what they deserve.

    * (The term ignorant Republican is often redundant)