Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Todays blog is about gravity.  A basic principle of gravity is one that goes as follows:  "What goes up must come down."  Taking this rule further, lets analyze what happens when an individual, standing on the planet Earth, specifically in the City of Miami, fires a gun into the air.

Unless the bullet is traveling fast enough to escape the Earth's gravitational pull, it will fall back to the ground.   Not only that, it will fall to the ground with enough speed to kill, maim or otherwise injure anyone it may hit on the way down.

Every New Year's Eve and Every Fourth of July in Miami, some individual, or frequently many individuals, will fire their weapons into the air.  This, as crowds of people, including women and children, are gathered at festivals.

Even the police know that being outside on New Year's Eve in Miami is an invitation to suicide.   Despite public pleas from law enforcement and others, someone is always killed, maimed or grievously injured.  This, by individuals who think that it's "fun" to shoot bullets into the air. 

In Miami, the principle of gravity applies just like everywhere else.  But "fun" has taken on an entirely different meaning.  The message that these shooters give is crystal clear.  "Oh what fun to see a stranger injured, Oh what Miami fun!"

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