Wednesday, October 9, 2013


On a separate blog man writes:  "Hello, I am writing to you from Europe to ask about how safe it is to visit Miami.  I have been reading about the crime rate in Miami and it is said to be one of the highest in the states.  I am thinking about taking a vacation in Miami but am now not so sure about it.  I would be grateful to you if you could explain how advisable it is to visit Miami these days."

Signed:  "Unsure"

Our Response Here At The Miami Survivor Blog:  Dear unsure.  Miami can be a very fun place to visit, with a precaution.  When checking into hotels always remember to look under the bed, particularly if the room smells a little funky.

Once in a while a bodies have turned up after having been inadvertently left under beds in Miami hotel rooms.  If you find this condition in your room, make sure to contact room service.  You will find that they will generally be very apologetic and attend to the situation.   

Miami can be a fun place if you pay attention to that rule.

And please buy a copy of MIAMI: A SURVIVOR'S TALE.  "catalog"

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  1. Here's a thought. Perhaps the folks in charge of tourism in Miami should market more aggressively to the necrophiliacs and host conventions for undertakers.

    Think of all the money they'd save on hookers. Lemons to Lemonade!